Retour au récit…

Un nouveau voyage s’annonce, depuis longtemps attendu. Celui que j’ai longtemps espéré, dont j’ai longtemps rêvé. Pour quelqu’un qui est du matin, regarder à l’Est semble naturel – et dès lors, quelle fascination plus appropriée que celle que je nourris depuis tant d’années pour le Pays du Soleil Levant !

Le programme est le suivant : trois semaines et demie sur l’île de Yakushima pour du Wwoofing, trois semaines de vadrouille dans tout le Japon (merci le Japan Rail Pass !) et deux semaines et demie au Nord de Tokyo pour deux wwoofings différents.

Les préparatifs vont bon train alors que j’écris ces lignes, l’excitation croît en moi à mesure des jours et des conversations quotidiennes…

Pour suivre le récit, ce sera ici.
Pour suivre les photos et éventuels croquis, ce sera par là.


Introducing a new category : ‘Archiving’

More than a year has gone by since my last real regular follow-through of everything that I spot on the net. I figured it was about time I do something about it. And how to do so ? Where to start ?

First option was to post all the links that I have in store packed in one huge article. Not such a brilliant idea.
Second option, which suits me best but takes a little more time, is going through all the links, classify them by theme and post them in separate articles. Hence the creation of this new category, that I’ve called ‘Archiving’.

Most of the articles are dated – although I will not mention it explicitly on the link – but the range when they have been posted might vary from a few weeks to a few years. Which can make us realize that some views expressed a couple years ago are still accurate today. Food for thought then.

Hope you’ll enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed compiling these links !

Stops & spots of the week – XXXI

Features that made my week…

  1. This could change the future of buildings… introducing clay-concrete.
  2. Eating right might not change the world, but it could be the first step in the right direction. A long and delightful article, to be read over a nice meal.
  3. An insight on the state of the world – and France – by Edgar Morin, sociologist and philosopher.
  4. To finish, three books on my reading list.
    [eng] Requiem for a species, Clive Hamilton.
    [eng] The Winner-Take-All Society, Robet H. Frank.
    [eng] Collapse : How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond.

Back to blogging.

This is how I get back to blogging, with a curious follow-through of weblinks that ended with more thinking on daily life than I’d have expected for a regular day like today. [For french readers…]

It started here.

Then went there.

A quick parenthesis, here…
and there…

To end up here.


Stops & spots of the week – XXIX

Features that made my week…

  1. « Dry stacking short pieces of wood without using any type of binding in order to create mathematical structures with architectural qualities, such is Woodstacker’s proposal. »
  2. Le Présage, by Pierre Gascar… another book to my ‘to read list’. [fr],59982.html
  3. Gotta keep an eye on these guys when I’m back in Nantes…
  4. EU Green Capital 2015, Bristol’s urban agriculture is growing. [eng]
  5. This kind of manifesto, by Charles-Henri Tachon.
  6. Polyphasic sleep.
  7. Entering the sixth massive extinction.
  8. This great database of administrative papers, open-source, for freelances.